Sunday, January 20, 2013

Beef, Sausage and Vegetable Stew

Do you change you cooking habits in Winter?  Kinda like you do your wardrobe maybe?  Gone are the endless nights of BBQ (OK we still sneak one in on a sunny day).  Do you replace them with warm and comforting Crock Pot dishes?  I know I do.  I loved my mom's vegetable soup growing up. When I toss this in the Crock Pot my husband (who is never a big fan of soup) brags about how good it is. It makes enough to last a while too.  I have my selection of vegetables to use.  Use what taste best for you. It's so easy to turn this Vegan too.  Just leave out the meat!

1 1/2 Lbs Lean Beef Tips
1 Link Beef Summer Sausage
1 Small Onion-diced
3 Cloves Garlic-minced
1 Red Pepper-diced
2 Cups Frozen Corn
2 Cups Fresh Okra-sliced
2 Cups Sliced Mushrooms
3 Cups Shredded Cabbage
3 Large Fresh Tomatoes
1 Cup Water
2 TBS Oregano
1 TBS Celery Powder
Salt and Pepper to taste

Dice meat into bite size chunks. Brown beef tips in a skillet for about 10 minutes, or until they are done throughout.  Place meat in crock pot and add vegetables.  Puree tomatoes in blender and add to meat with water.  Add seasonings and cover.  Simmer on low for four hours.  The longer you allow the stew to simmer the more flavorful the soup.

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