Tuesday, August 16, 2016


2 cups milk

½ cup butter

1 cup water

2 medium sweet potatoes

2 cups chopped ham

1 cup diced onion

1 TBS fresh oregano

½ cup chopped fresh chives

2 TBS fresh chopped basil

1 TBS fresh chopped rosemary

2 cloves minced garlic


2 TBS corn starch mixed with 1 cup cold water


Bake sweet potato in microwave for 7 minutes on high so it is soft but not done.  While sweet potato is cooking heat milk and water in a large sauce pan.  Add chopped ham and all remaining ingredients to pan.  Dice sweet potato and add along with butter.  Let simmer for 10 minutes.  To avoid breaking up potatoes do not stir.  Add corn starch and water stirring gently to thicken.

Monday, August 15, 2016


1 medium head broccoli chopped
2 cups zucchini squash diced
2 cups yellow squash diced
2 cups fresh spinach chopped
1 large carrot shredded
1 small onion chopped
2 cloves minced garlic
1 ½ cups imagine non-chicken chicken broth
½ cup flour mixed with ¼ cup cold water
1 12oz pkg lasagna noodles (such as Good for Life)
1 8oz pkg Daiya mozzarella shreds
1 8oz pkg Daiya onion and chive cream cheese
Heat olive oil in skillet.  Add broccoli and squash, stirring until tender, for about 5 minutes, but not soft.  Add onion and garlic.  Stir for another five minutes.  Add chicken broth.  Heat until boiling.  Mix flour with water in a bowl, whisking briskly to remove any lumps.  Quickly add into vegetable mixture, stirring constantly.  Once thickened, remove from heat and set aside

Cook noodles according to package directions.  Drain, do not rinse.  Spread a very small amount of vegetable broth over bottom of 9X13 baking dish.  Place one layer of noodles on bottom of pan.  Add a layer of ½ of the vegetables and gently spread ¼ of the cream cheese over vegetables topping with ½ of the mozzarella shreds.  Add another layer of noodles, top with vegetables and remaining cheese in order.
Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  Cover and bake an additional 10 minutes.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


My spinach is typically one of the very first crops to harvest in my early spring garden.  I love it fresh, canned or cooked in one of my favorite dishes such as this one.  Chicken and Spinach Alfredo is an easy, carefree dish that is just delicious, tender and juicy.  Combined with the fresh herbs I grow it is a meal I am proud to serve too.  This dish is for four people

4 Chicken leg quarters
1/2 cup olive oil
4 Cups fresh Spinach
3 oz Cream Cheese
2 tablespoons fresh chives
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary
1 tablespoon fresh basil
1 1/2 tablespoon fresh oregano
4 cloves fresh garlic minced
2 cups rice prepared as directed
salt and pepper

Heat oil in skillet.  Split let quarters by making a slit directly between thigh and leg bone.  Bend until bones are separated and cut through remaining meat.  Sprinkle chicken pieces with salt and pepper.  Place in hot oil and brown 2 to 3 minutes on both sides.  Remove from skillet and place pieces in baking dish.  Place in oven and sprinkle with additional salt and pepper.  Cook uncovered at 300 for 1 hour.

Cook spinach in boiling water.  Place all herbs in a chopper and grind.  Add herbs to spinach and cook for 30 to 45 minutes or until tender.  Remove from heat.  Stir in Cream Cheese until melted.

Remove chicken from pan.  Place spinach in baking dish and top with chicken.  Cover baking dish and cook for an additional 15 minutes or until spinach begins to bubble at 350.  Serve over cooked rice seasoned with salt and pepper.


Sometimes I think I even surprise myself.  This is such a wonderful breakfast you'll definitely want to do it again.  The combination of flavor with the crispy crunch will definitely leave you satisfied.  Don't think of it as just a breakfast dish.  It is a wonderful dinner or Sunday Brunch also.

This recipe makes one serving so adjust accordingly.

1 Waffle prepared as directed, or substitute one frozen waffle
1 Cup Canola oil
1 Small white potato shredded, or substitute one frozen hash brown
1 Small egg
2 tablespoons milk
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat oil in skillet.  Shred potato and place in hot oil leaving in a round patty.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper cooking seven to ten minutes on each side until brown and crispy.  While potatoes are cooking toast waffle in toaster until brown. 

Place waffle on a plate and top with crispy hash brown.  Whisk one medium egg with 2 tablespoons milk.  Pour egg in still hot skillet.  Gently fold egg forming a single patty turning until cooked through.  Top with Shredded Chicken Gravy (see below).    Sprinkle with salt and pepper if desired.

Shredded Chicken Gravy

1 1/2 Fresh Baked Chicken (canned does not work)
1 Cup Chicken broth from baked chicken
1/4 Teaspoon of each
    onion powder
    garlic powder
1 Tablespoon cornstarch
1/4 cup cold water

Mix first six  ingredients in a sauce pan stirring well.  Bring to a full boil.  Mix cornstarch and water until smooth.  Add to chicken and stir until thick.

Monday, March 7, 2016


What a delicious and economical dish!  But, isn't that the way dinner should be.  So darn easy and tasty too.  This dish serves four.  I used the leftovers to make a soup for lunch.  Just don't forget to add the flour torillas.

1 Pkg 8 chicken legs and/or thighs
1/2 cup Infused Olive Oil (see recipe below)
Uncle Chris's seasoning (by Fiesta)
Chili powder

2 1/2 Cups uncooked rice
1 1/2 cup water
1 cup Mild or Medium Salsa
2 TBS chili powder
1 TBS Uncle Chris's seasoning (by Fiesta)
Salt and Pepper to taste
2 cups frozen peas

Coat each piece of chicken with infused olive oil (below). Pour remaining oil in electric. Sprinkle chicken with Uncle Chris's and Chili Powder.  Place chicken in electric skillet and brown about 10 minutes on both sides.  When brown and crisp remove from skillet.

Add rice to skillet and stir until rice looks almost white.  Add water, salsa, peas and seasoning.  Return chicken to skillet, cover and simmer checking, but not stirring occassionaly.  Add additional water if rice begins to look dry.  Rice should be done and ready to serve in 20 minutes.


3 cups extra virgin olive oil
1/8 cup each
      diced onion
      minced garlic
      drued chili pequin finely ground
Place all ingrediens in a covered jar.  Let set at least 24 hours before using. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Sunday's are made for relaxing and spending time with family.  That is why this is such a perfect Sunday Brunch casserole. So easy, and so tasty the whole family will enjoy a savory combination of flavors.  I serve with warm Buttermilk Biscuits or fresh garlic toast.  This recipe will serve a family of 4
2 Chicken Quarters
Sprinkle salt and pepper on each chicken quarter and back in oven for 1 1/2 hours at 350 or until done and tender.  The slower the chicken is baked the juicer it will be.  When done remove from oven and cool for at least 30 minutes. Remove all meat from the bones.
Tip:  In a hurry by a roasted chicken from your local supermarket.  This recipe will not work with canned chicken.
2-6oz packages Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice
2 1/2 cups water (more if needed)
Roasted chicken removed from leg quarters
2 cups chopped brocolli
1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped green onion
1 cup thinly sliced baby carrots
2 large cloves of garlic minced
1/2 Tbs fresh basil
1/2 Tbs fresh thyme
Dried bread crumbs
Shredded Asiago cheese
Spray a 9x13 baking dish with cooking spray.  Place all ingredients into casserole pan and mix well.  Place in 350 oven.  Check dish every 10 to 15 minutes and add more water if dish is dry and rice is not done.  Once rice is cooked and vegetables are tender, 45 minutes to an hour, add toppings:
Dried bread crumbs coursley ground.  I used a mixture of cornbread and Italian seasoning.  Place back in oven and broil for 2 to 3 minutes until brown.  Turn oven off. Top casserole with shredded Asiago cheese and place back in warm oven for 1 to 2 minutes until cheese is melted.

Monday, February 15, 2016


I know  I've said it many times, but it's worth repeating.  One of the best motivators for gardening is having the ability to create delicious, healthy dishes with my own fresh organic crops.

I've always been a big fan of tomato soup.  I also enjoy using my fresh tomatoes to create and can sauces and soups.  My daughter persuaded me to branch out and add fresh herbs to my gardening.  So, wala.  It's only natural to make a creamy, delicious Tomato Basil Soup.

Makes 2 bowls

3 lbs ripe red tomatoes.  It doesn't matter what tomato, but the sweeter the better
2 tbs fresh dried sweet basil
3 cloves fresh garlic
1/4 cup chives
2 cups soy milk (or 1% milk) your choice
Salt and Pepper to taste
Dash of Oregano
Go Veggie or Kraft Parmesan sprinkles.

Bring whole tomatoes to a rapid boil for 15 minutes in a large pot.  Remove tomatoes from pot saving water.  Gently peel away the loosened skin.  Once all tomatoes are peeled chop and place themn in a blender.  Add basil, garlic and chives to blender.   Blend mixture on high for 3-4 minutes or until creamy. 

Add soup mixture back to pot with 1 cup of the water and 2 cups of milk.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Simmer on slow heat until soup has cooked down and is no loner runny.  Garnish with oregano and Go Veggie paremsan sprinkles or Kraft parmesan sprinkles.