Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lima Bean Tomato Stew

When the wind is blowing and cold it's nice to have a warm bowl of stew to fill the soul.  It's an even better stew when it's ready in a only a few minutes.  This recipe will make plenty of leftovers for a weeks worth of lunches.  Serve with a batch of warm vegan biscuits and you've got a meal to enjoy.

In a Large Kettle combine the following:

1 16oz can Lima Beans
1 Can  Diced Tomatoes with Onion
1 Can Whole Kernel Corn

Do not drain any liquid from the vegetables.

Simmer on medium until vegetables come to a full boil and stir in 1 8oz Package Bow Tie Pasta.

1 Tbs Chopped Basil
2 Tsp Garlic Salt
1 tsp Minced Onion
2 Tsp Oregano
2 Tst Pepper
2 or 3 pinches Kosher Salt
1/8 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup of water

Cover kettle with lid and let simmer for thirty minutes.  Remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes before serving.

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