Monday, August 6, 2012

Bacon and Egg Panini

This take on Panini is a wonderful way to wake up.  Warm, toasty and satisfying.  You'll be amazed how easy it is to make. The recipe makes one sandwich.

2 Slices French loaf bread (center cut to make sure you have the largest slice From the loaf).
                              1 Egg
                              1 Tbs Milk
                              S.  alt and Pepper
                              2 Slices Bacon
                              1 Slice Pepper Jack Cheese

Fry bacon in skillet saving grease.  Mix egg, milk, salt and pepper and whisk well.  Pour egg into skillet with bacon grease.  Cook on medium allowing eggs to bubble.  With spatula turn egg from side of skillet folding over to center.  Continue folding egg until no longer runny.  You should have some nice size pieces of egg.  Butter both slices of bread on one side and place one slice on an indoor grill with butter side down.  Place 1/2 of the cheese on top of the bread adding bacon and then egg. Egg should not be spread directly to the edge of the bread to avoid overflow when grilling.  Place remaining 1/2 of cheese and remaining slice of bread, butter side up, on sandwich.  Press grill lid down gently being careful not to close too tightly.  Grill sandwich for five minutes or until golden brown.

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